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The Indian stock market is a volatile and unpredictable one. This makes technical analysis of the stocks important. It helps traders in determining the nuances of the trades. For this purpose, various technical analysis software India are available. Traders can select a tool according to their needs and requirements.

In order to choose the best software for your needs, it is important to consider the following features. While choosing a software, make sure to select one that has basic functions, is affordable and is user-friendly.

MarketsMojo is a very user-friendly application. Its home page displays key information, such as buy or sell calls, market summary, and Nifty 50 list. You can also apply filters, such as sector, to select the stocks you want to analyze.

TrendSpider is an advanced charting application that uses complex algorithms to help users make decisions about their stocks. Its intuitive interface provides real time data and allows you to buy or sell directly from the chart. Moreover, it provides a huge selection of securities to choose from.

The Profit Source Platform is another good choice for traders. It uses a variety of mathematical indicators to analyze the resistance and support of the markets.

The Auto-Support/Resistance feature scans supply/demand zone breakouts and high risk/reward ratios. These features help you identify targets on any stock.

Investar is a great tool for managing portfolios and analyzing the Indian stock market. Its advanced tools include auto-divergence and mutual funds scans.

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